STE Political Review Correction Notice

This past weekend, The Beaumont Enterprise published an article about Philip's court hearing on Friday. We here at the Eagle's Nest thought Ken did a spot on job with the subject matter. However, Ken, there were two mistakes.

First, the original Sam the Eagle website has not been "removed". We here at the Eagle's Nest are committed to helping our fellow creatures. Seeking to make a negative a positive, we turned the original Sam the Eagle website into a home for wayward puppies. Much like Jacob's House was for the Gadfly Foundation, the Sam the Eagle Home for Wayward Puppies is a haven so to speak, for wayward puppies to rest and recuperate and seek counseling for their waywardness.

Second, David Lynch is the attorney for GOOGLE. Our attorney is the respected and renowned Jay Noble Daggett of Yell County, Arkansas who has represented the likes of Mattie Ross and Marshall Rooster Cogburn. Please feel free to contact him at the link to the side of this page.

Sam t. Eagle, editor