Local Man Influences Halloween Costuming

The Halloween festivities are fast approaching and with them comes the inevitable question; "What will I be for Halloween this year?" Our own investigative reporter Beavis took a look at the hottest trends in costumes this season and came up with some surprises. Apparently, Nederland native and editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip Klein, has had quite an influence on this years costume choices.

Encouraged by millions of readers, Philip Klein products have taken off faster than Pet Rocks on acid. "Dude, like Philip Klein is the hottest costume this year." Said an anonymous caller to the Review. "I can't keep the Klein stuff on the shelves." Said a stockboy at the local Wal Mart.

For those on a budget, the 'Kleinio Nose' is just the perfect disguise for any office party or after work gathering. "I put it on whenever I tell my wife how good looking she is." Said an anonymous source.

One of the most popular items this fall has been the Kleinio mask. Despite Mattel's recall of the "Kleinio" doll last spring amid accusations that it was turning children into pathological liars, the mask has been a hit among politicians, political consultants, and homosexuals. "Its great for foreplay and pre-gerbil felching sessions" Said a caller to the Review late last night.

For those wanting to go 'all out' with there Klein related costuming, nothing tops 'The Review' full body journalist suit.

"I can go to the courthouse and walk around as 'The Review' and no one knows who I am. I even made it into Commissioner's Court and wasn't even asked for my identification." Said someone who didn't have any idea of what we were talking about. The suit comes complete with fake press pass, and a pre-paid cell phone for anonymous tips.