An STE Political Review Exclusive!!!!!

Ya know....there are times we simply just want to drift away from a story that lands in our backyard like a thud. And we do not like to burn our friends in the blogging world - but God - when you are stupid....well?

There is a bunch of talk in the community from citizens regarding The Southeast Texas Political Review and Philip Klein's obsession with his counter.

a web site can be so successful that it is well over 2 million pages views in one year.

It might be good enough for another 10,000 hits.

And the Review drops back...........shoots.........scores with another 5,000 hits!

In fact, depending on who you talk to - you will hear everything from Philip adjusts his website counter to Philip lies about his counter.

We kind of ignored this talk. You know - there is some inner blogging competition issues from time to time. So we just let it go.

But this one fell in our backyard.

Yesterday, The Sam the Eagle Political Review received a call from Afsan Jan Umbabwe Afsondinga (shown here), a migrant farm worker from Porthatch, Kansas. In an exclusive interview, Mr. Afsondinga told the Review that he had been kidnapped over three years ago and forced to work as Philip Klein's web counter.

"I yaz on a strewberry ferm when zay took me." Mr. Afsondinga told The Review. "It yaz the middla of night. It yaz berry dark. I don no how many but ther I know large man with smelly breth."

Mr. Afsondinga went on to describe the treatment he received during his captivity.

"De smelly man, frum Nu Jersey, the Kline, he made me count the website. I wuld count the website and if he didn't like it, he wuld beat me. I lerned to make the website count high and then he wuldn't beat me and he wuld giv me some bread."

The Review asked our own consultant, 'The Mathematician Formally Known as the Count' to look at the data.

"Ve have known vor some time now that Villip is valsifying his vebcounter. Vhat ve didn't know vas how."

For an accurate look at Villip's daily website traffic, check out WEBSITE OUTLOOK.