The many faces of Philip Klein

'We' thought we'd examine Philip's latest rant on local politics. 'We' usually leave this stuff to Gus but since he's on hiatus, our own Drunk Fat Chic will look at Philip's latest predictions.

"I don't know what the Sam Hill he's talking about. Don Bledsoe. Yea Right! If he wins, I'm buying."
"John Stevens! Ha! Where has Philip been. They gave that job to John Bales a month ago. Doesn't he read the %&^% &*^^&** paper?"
"Walker v. Maness---That dumb ignorant &*(*&&&%^. Just this past January, he wrote:
"The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that top leaders of the democratic party have come to a political conclusion over the past few weeks. That is - law and order Judge Layne Walker is "not electable" to the position of Jefferson County District Attorney. And sources tell the Review that they are making their point in the back channels of the democratic party.
"Layne is a great guy. His dad is great. But I think Layne has to come to a political reality - he has made no friends over the past few years and his support is zero," said a source in the Jefferson County Democratic Party with knowledge of the party system."
Now today, he writes:
"And then - rumors are running wild that Tom Maness will have a candidate. Get this - either Layne Walker - who is dead on as Mr. Law and Order and would wipe up Maness - or maybe another sitting judge that loves the law and would make a great DA."
Philip Klein is a God Damned Idiot!