Which One Doesn't Belong?

A reader pointed out that a recent article in The Bayou Blog noted that character actor Mike Starr looked just like new Lamar Head Coach Ray Woodard. So, we thought we'd play a little game. Which one doesn't belong:

1: Ray Woodard is a SUCCESSFUL football coach with over twenty years experience. Last year, his team went to the conference playoffs. He is a college graduate and has never been divorced.

2: Mike Starr is a SUCCESSFUL character actor and has appeared in over thirty films and television shows including Goodfellas, Summer of Sam, and Dumb and Dumber. Mike graduated from Hofstrau University

3: Eric Cartman is a SUCCESSFUL fourth grade student from South Park, Colorado. He is an entrepreneur with a string of profitable companies including a talent agency, call girl service, and toxic waste disposal business. During the fifth season, he was sworn in as a licensed peace officer by Officer Barbrady, Chief of Police of South Park. Eric will graduate from South Park Elementary next year.

4: Number four is Philip Klein.

Eagle's Note: Anonymous sources have reported to the STE Political Review that upon learning that they may resemble Philip Klein, Ray Woodard, Mike Starr, and Eric Cartman have all attempted suicide by drinking cyanide laced Kool Aid. Fortunately all have survived and are resting comfortably in local hospitals. Our thoughts here at the Review are with their families during this time.