It pains us to write truly does. But it is now a story and 'we' are going to present it. Eagle's Nest investigative correspondent Beavis has uncovered some serious problems with TEXAS PROFESSIONAL BODYGUARDS LLC, a sister company of the company that brings us The Southeast Texas Political Review. When this is over, 'we' anticipate heads will roll. So, go get a coke, sit back, and see what 'we' have discovered.

Recently, Philip R. Klein, editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review and political consultant, became involved with TEXAS PROFESSIONAL BODYGUARDS LLC:

However, a trip to their website reveals this:

Furthermore, an examination of the records filed by Philip R. Klein, editor with the Secretary of State reveals that KLEIN INVESTIGATIONS INC. is the MANAGER of the business:

HOWEVER, NOONE has ever heard of KLEIN INVESTIGATIONS INC:"There must be some fraud going on" said a source at the Department of the Department that knows this stuff. Another source we talked to at the Secretary of State said "WHAT?" Another source told us...."that's against the law. You can't DECEPTIVELY ADVERTISE a business that is NOT INCORPORATED. bet there is more to this story......