Philip Klein......Political Consultant???????

Philip Klein 4-6-2002:

"To say it nicely. There is a huge vacuum in the leadership in the black communities..."

"As we venture into the next ten years, questions seem to be begged to be answered.
Where are the leaders in the black community?"

"What has happened to the Black Leaders..."

"Many will point to the religious leaders in the Black Community. However, they will tell you that they are having problems in preaching the word to their flocks. Deals gone bad. Political insiders that cut illegal deals. Judges paying back political debts. Forgetting the law. The question begs. Where can the black community find leaders?"

"If you are mad on what you just read, you are the problem. The way you think, the way you act and the way you use the system. You need to be the system. Not using it. Go get a coke. Sit down, cool off and write me your letter that I expect to get. But then tear it up and get to work in your own back yard."




Open your eyes and learn Philip. Cast aside your own agenda and see the world through eyes that are not clouded with bitterness and hatred.....