Retards Write

Disclaimer: Retards Write is a registered trademark, patent, 'copywrite' of Sam the Eagle Enterprises INC, ABC, NBA and the Eatafly Foundation. Any and all implications or inferences that The Philip Kleins, their various entities, companies, or personalities that inhabit their psyche write letters to themselves are purely coincidental.

Sometimes it's like shooting fish in a cup...


"... 'we' are highly offended that you would say that you are not going to pray for a police officer..."

ANSWER: Philip, you're doing it again. Who do 'we' know that always refers to himself in the plural??????? Really, if you're going to keep trying to convince people that YOU are NOT writing these letters, you need to get someone to help you.


"Beaumont Retro sounds like Woodyard again......I looked at it and we tracked the site. It is built out of Orange."

ANSWER: UUUHHHH, you tracked it??????? Your buddy is using Blogspot. The same thing I use. Track me........Idiot. But since most of those pictures are the same ones that Matt posted to your all but dead Talk Back Line a month or so ago (via an IP registered to North Shore Supply), I think it's safe to assume that Matt is running that site.

FROM NEDERLAND (shocked?):

"I rarely write anything in a public blog. If I do I sign it, watermark it, and alert the blog owner that I have posted it."

ANSWER: Are you sure about that......???????

Sam the Eagle