Last week, I wrote a piece called "Blast from the Past" which pointed out one of the many lies that Philip Klein has told over the years. It was a simple story about a post on the De Novo Law Blog that caught Philip lying about actually getting a call from the editor of the Blog. I had no idea at the time that it would draw such attention.
Shortly after the piece was posted, I received a message on the guestbook. After many rounds of emails, and a face to face meeting over the weekend, I am happy to announce that.........

Former child star and television personality "BEAVIS" will join the commentary team here at the Eagles Nest.

Beavis, who recently completed a soothing vacation at the Golden Highs Rehabilitation Center will be commenting on some of the historical flubbs, mistakes, and just plain, outright LIES that The Philip Kleins have disseminated throughout the years.

Look for his column later this week

Sam the Eagle