BREAKING NEWS!!!! Anonymous Source Revealed!!!!!!

A long time ‘source’ and trusted advisor to local political ‘gurus’ the Philip Kleins has come forward, revealing long held secrets in local politics.
“Banjo”, originally from the African country of Chad, decided to break years of silence to discuss some disturbing topics that prompted his decision.
“For years, I helped those SOBs.” Banjo stated. “I was the one that predicted the Bush/Gore Florida debacle, the Ford Park fiasco, and even the Karl Rove scandal. Did they give me ANY credit? Hell NO!!!! All they ever wanted to talk about was whether or not Charlton Heston would be a good President. The man’s 84 I kept telling them!!!”
Banjo went on to reveal that for years, he was the ‘anonymous source’ that would feed the Phillips information for their acclaimed publication; “The Southeast Texas Political Review”. “They used me for years” Banjo revealed. “I began to feel like that ‘deepthroat’ guy…only not really.”
Banjo did not reveal what he would do now and demanded that we (note the use of the plural there) not reveal his location. His only regret seemed to be that he no longer was able to serve papers for PRK Enterprises Investments Inc. LLC. ABC. “I sure loved using my pistol” the chimpanzee said sadly.