It really is All About Me/Us

We (notice the plural again---who do you think this might be?), read all the local websites and came across something that "we" here at the Eagle’s Nest found interesting. One local site writes:

"I have no contempt for the Judges. Both are nice men doing something nice for a good cause."

Yet, just several days earlier, "they" (notice the plural again) wrote:

"We are going to watch the docket on this one. If a motion to dismiss comes.....ohhhh....we will be all over this one."

Now, "we" fed this into the Eagle computer and came up with some interesting data…isn’t one of these the SAME person that you (and I use that term in the plural form) have lambasted on "your" site multiple times because "you all" didn’t like a ruling he made and then were upset because the judicial commission said "you" were ‘FULL OF SHIT’?
Now, I (or should it be ‘we’….I’m really getting confused….how do you/ you all keep it straight in ‘your’ heads?) fully realize that FULL OF SHIT is a persistent state for you/ you all. What I am completely amazed at is how you/you all continually spin it so that its….all about ‘you/ you all’:

"I have three family members that are cancer survivors. I have made a donation to the event through my private foundation today after getting a call from a board member."

I would suggest you call your doctor in San Antonio and tell him the medications are NOT letting each of you sync with the other one.

I have a headache now and am going to find some soft twigs and lie down…..