I'm Really Confused Now????

"...According to our Stat Counter we are at around 167,438 ..."
Am I missing something?????
What math do they use in the universe you live in???
51266 DIVIDED by 90 days (the number of days that have transpired this year....at least in OUR year...I'm not sure about the planet you live on...EQUALS 569........
Look on the bright side...if you do the math (and I don't for any minute expect you to understand how to)....29% of 75% of the 1/640 out of the 4,587,942 of the fifth percentile of the people who visit your site DONT publicly acknowledge that you are FULL OF SHIT!!!! But then again that is UP 2.35675% from last year and 7.789787% from 2003 but down 5.89797% from 2005
God your dumb!!