BREAKING NEWS!!!! John Kennedy to be 2008 Democratic Presidential Nominee

In a surprise move by the Democratic Party, beloved past President and political icon, John F. Kennedy, will be nominated as the 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate.
"He's the best man for the job", said an anonymous democratic source that called our (notice the plural again) offices last night at 4:00 a.m.
"This is NOT unprecedented the nameless source explained. Though ASSASSINATED in 1963!!!!!!, it has been reported that Kennedy subsequently received the 1968 Democratic Presidential Nomination by renowned political consultant, Philip Klein:

"It was 1968. The anti war movement was in full swing. Violence all over the United States and an unpopular war. The place was Chicago. The convention was the Democratic National Convention.
And so the question - are we set up for another dark year in history in politics?
The answer is that the democrats have only one way out - and that is to force a union, such as they did with Kennedy - Johnson to avoid a total melt down."

(Did you say that or think it? Really, what color is the sky in your world?)

More anonymous sources, who shall remain anonymous told us (yep, but I'm not sure which of us he you know? thought he told you......nope, it wasn't me) that John Kennedy will consider appointing Franklin Roosevelt as his running mate.

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