Sam's Question of the Week to "The Grandiose One"

I've been monitoring some local websites for several years now and have thouroughly enjoyed the discourse that has occurred between them. One in particular professes to be the "Father of Southeast Texas Blogging" having created the industry just before Al Gore invented the internet.

Recently, I flew from Washington (and boy are my arms tired) to Grand Stump, Iowa where I chaired a round table discussion on this subject with some very high ranking politicos. After much debate, we reached an impasse on an interesting question. One camp thinks that the author or so called "editor" of this particular website is just dumb. The other feels that NO ONE can be that dumb, that is is just a ruse-- a profound expression of wool-headedness designed as an elaborate diversion.

My question to the author or so called "editor" of this "special" website: Are you really that dumb or do you just pretend to be?