Lack of Love and Affection

One of my favorite episodes of the comedy series SOUTH PARK centers on Eric Cartman and the delusional world he creates. For those of you that don’t know, Eric is one of seven main characters. He is overweight, obnoxious, rude, and generally an unpopular character who parades around town trying to pretend he is a figure of great importance. One of his favorite lines is "Respect my Authority!".
In this particular episode, Kyle and Stan (Eric’s only friends….and they really aren’t that…they just hang around him because it makes them feel better about themselves) are walking down the sidewalk when they hear what appears to be a ‘party’ going on in Eric’s backyard. Upon stopping, they hear great praises and accolades coming from the party guests. "my aren’t you smart and popular’ touts one party-goer. Another retorts, "Yes Eric, you are the smartest and most popular guy in school, everyone likes you". Upon looking over the fence, Stan and Kyle discover that there are no guests at the party. Eric has arranged all of his stuffed animals around a table and he is ‘faking’ the voices to try and make passersby think that he is someone of importance.
An interesting lesson. When dealing with individuals that seem to be airing an appearance of authority, acceptance, martyrdom, or power-brokering, it is important to see just who is making the grandiose statements. A little digging may reveal that the accolades are coming from only ONE person, the subject of the statement. It would be humorous….if it weren’t so disturbing. Obviously the work of a pathetic individual, an emotional crippled devoid of love and affection.
Some Thoughts for the Day
Sam the Eagle