My purpose here is twofold. One, to expose evilness. To attack those who pick on others for no reason other than it stimulates their fragile egos and to help alleviate the pain of erectile dysfunction, primitive personal communication skills and it makes them feel important. The ironic thing is that they are not important. They never will be important for they lack the where with all to act. They simply want to sit on the side and criticize. My prediction for these types, they will die alone. The other is to expose dumbness. Some write or say things that are stupid or insensitive. Like when you refer to a dying pontiff as a drooling idiot or dead children as "smelly little girls". These are stupid things. But foremost, I am here to expose extreme stupidity. I live in a nest. I like my nest. there are soft twigs and some feathers and tissues that line the nest. If I didn't like the nest, I would do one of two things. First, I would change the nest. If I could not change the nest, I would fly away to a place I liked better and build another nest. Makes sense right? Not if your stupid.

Some thoughts for the day

Sam the Eagle