When writing a news piece for any publication whether it be a newspaper, magazine, or webblog, it is important to establish the general tone for the public. For example, CNN tends to be more liberal and FOX is more conservative. The ‘Smoking Gun’ website has some great examples of public breaking news. And then there are those who are simply run by morons. Uneducated idiots who somehow, somewhere along the way learned rudimentary web design, or in most cases, paid someone to do it for them and then simply learned how to alter what was already there. They get their jollies by picking on those who can’t defend themselves, like referring to a dying Pope as a ‘drooling idiot’ or calling young children who died in a horrible bus crash "smelly little girls". But it is important that these so called IDIOT journalist at least use the word correctly. Particularly if you are going to use the word twice. For example: ABATEMENT according to Webster’s dictionary means ‘a deduction from the full amount of a tax’. An ABETMENT is similar but it does NOT refer to tax deductions.
Before embarking on the creation of an opinion related publication, it might be wise to educate oneself in English, Journalism, and Ethics. In some instances, it might be wise to ask a teacher if you might audit a class. Perhaps say, the second grade?
Some thought for the Day
Sam the Eagle